To help alleviate some of the unknowns regarding your upcoming roof replacement, we’ve compiled some useful information on the process and steps you can take to prepare for the installation.

A superintendent will contact you the day before materials are delivered to your property to provide a timeline of installation (usually 1-2 days after material delivery) and their contact information should any questions arise. On the morning of installation, the superintendent will arrive to discuss any concerns and ensure the process runs smoothly. Following installation, you may notice “lumpy” or uneven shingles. These will lie down flat once the sun has had time to heat them.

Preparation Checklist

  • Cut your grass very short to maximize the efficiency of the magnetic rollers we use to pick up nails.
  • Ensure that items affixed to the walls are secure.
  • If your existing roof will be taken off, cover or remove any items in your attic that require protection, as debris from roof removal can come through the lath and decking into the attic.
  • If exterior plugs are not available, run an extension cord through the window or door.
  • Trim any low hanging branches over your roof.
  • Make arrangements to remove and replace solar panels.
  • If you are aware of any wiring or air conditioning lines present directly underneath the roof deck, notify us immediately as this incorrect installation can result in puncturing the lines.

Please do not hesitate to contact your appointed superintendent with questions regarding our process, preparation instructions, or anything else!

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